Fresh European Proxies over API for Software Engineers

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Welcome and enjoy our organized list of well tested public proxies from Europe+.
+ means related countries like USA and Canada.

What this service offers:

  • Thoroughly tested public (free) HTTP/S and SOCKS proxies
  • Targeting on Europe - single country, regions, language or national relations
  • Simple API for automatic processing ready to serve freshly tested proxy every minute

What this service does NOT offer:

  • Private/personal proxies Proxies here are publicly accessible by anyone.
  • Proxy rotator / Proxy to proxies You always get the real IP address of all listed proxies.

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Fallback countries:
Always get some: (even from another country)
Order by: in
Access code:
If no suitable proxy is found in the primary Country, then Fallback countries are searched. Note that even the worst proxy from primary country is listed before the best proxy from fallback countries in result list.
If there is no proxy neither in primary Country nor in Fallback countries, then proxy from any country is returned. The aim is to always return non-empty result which can be processed by program.
Transparent proxy forwards your IP address to the destination server. The difference to direct access is that the destination server can not find your address in TCP connection, but in HTTP request headers what is higher level of processing.
Anonymous proxy does not disclose your IP address to the destination server, but on the HTTP request level it acknowledges to the destination server that some proxy was used as a middle man.
Elite proxy hides both your identity and the fact that proxy was used. Socks proxies always behave on the Elite level.
HTTP selection returns plain-HTTP (non-SOCKS) proxies regardless of their HTTPS/SSL capability.
HTTPS selection returns plain-HTTP non-SOCKS proxies which are capable of HTTPS/SSL.
SOCKS selection returns SOCKS 4/5 proxies. They are always capable of HTTPS/SSL and are equal to Elite anonymity level.
all selection returns all proxies.
Success selection returns proxies with the highest rate of successful downloads on top.
Speed selection returns the fastest proxies.
Uptime selection returns proxies which were most of the time accessible.
Freshness selection returns recently found proxies on top. Time window selection is irrelevant for ordering by freshness.
Please note: There might be fast proxies which sometimes completely fails to deliver requested page. The longest active proxies might be slow. Proxies that have even 100 % uptime might have poor success rate (it might respond once in 5 downloads). Freshest proxies might be either slow or erroneous and have poor uptime in 24H window.
1H/6H/24H specifies time window in which measurements of Success, Speed and Uptime are calculated.
Note that using 1H window you may obtain on top some proxy which performs poorly in 24H scale.
Time window has no meaning if ordered by Freshness.
HTML shows results in HTML table
JSON shows results as parsable JSON object tree
TXT shows results as plain text
Mini displays only IP and port
Compact displays in addition some relevant time information
All displays all testing information
Access code Use your prepaid access code for full access. Or leave empty for anonymous access (best proxies are blinded).

Paid Access

With paid access:

  • Best proxies are shown
  • You can list tens or hundreds of proxies*
    * depends on availability in chosen region
Period & Price

What do I pay for?

  • Mainly for testing thousands of public proxies. Roughly half of those which you can find on the internet do not work or not now.
  • Also for structural querying the database covering many possible views on what is the best proxy.

What is paid not?

  • Running the proxies. These proxies are controlled by someone else.

Story & License

When I needed proxies for my own program I realized there are plenty of proxies on public proxy lists, but most of them not working (even when declared as 'verified' seconds ago). It is not problem if you need proxy for you to manually type it into your browser, but if your program needs proxy it is not designed to test this one and that one first. The program needs functional proxy for doing its job now. If there is no source of reliable proxies, you must create another program just for testing those 'verified' proxies. And so did I. Later I realized it could be reused by others.

With this in my mind, I created simple interface for my proxy testing program, and I am kindly offering this service to you. If more programmers are going to use it and pay for it, I will develop it. If not, it will remain as it is - enough for my needs which currently last for about 4 years.

If you use this service to such an extent that your program tightly relies upon it and you subsequently want to bring all under your control, do not hesitate and ask me for an offer of a license. Not only you may receive the license, but I can setup your testing servers, install the software on it and provide you with updates if you would like to. As for the license please expect the price appropriate to hundreds of hours of coding and four years of tuning. Price of the work depends on my current availability but will not exceed some tens of dollars per hour.


Are you happy with this service? Or not so much? Please let me know what you think is wrong, what easily can be modified to satisfy your needs, what are your needs regarding proxies or whatever ideas you have.

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